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Due to Covid-19, all staff of Prowintrans are Working-From-Home since beginning of March for the national "Lockdown" measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 in China and will continue to work at home till 1st July...
What we can help you during Covid-19?
No.1 Connecting 8000+ Professional Elites online at home ...
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Prowintrans undertake multilingual audio transcription of interviews, conferences, focus groups, teleconferences ...
Quality Assurance
Project Preparation Translators familiar with the subject will be selected for a team and a team leader will be appointed to review the job, create a glossary and ...
With the help of translation memories (TM), your project will be carried out in a professional manner with maximum care and effort ...
Short About Us
ProwinTrans is a Language Services Provider and Multilingual Artwork Design Studio,
with rich experience in working with busi-nesses, organizations and translation agencies around the world.Since its foundation, Prowin-trans has been offering multilanguage ...
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Company Team Support
Prowintrans have a team of full-time translators, senior editors, artwork/design experts as well as dedicated team of project mana-gers who are able to cater...
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